Proposal in Venice | Justin + Jaclyn

The night I arrived in Italy I received a text from another photographer friend. Justin had reached out to her after booking a last-minute vacay to Italy and he wanted to pop the question while he was there! My love, Monique, put me in touch with Justin + we started working on the details to make his proposal in Venice absolutely EPIC.

Justin and I spent 2 weeks planning the perfect surprise — it wasn’t easy! I was driving through the Dolomites with limited service, Justin needed to be equal parts calm + collected and persuasive when planning each day of their vacay (in order to not tip her off!), aaaaand Venice kept getting hit with hail storms. I scouted a few quiet corners close to their hotel (not an easy feat in Venice of all places!) and sent Justin a google pin to my location. In typical Venice fashion, google got horribly lost down the narrow allies, but Justin kept his cool! With the promise of a gondola ride, Justin managed to steer Jaclyn to where I was waiting in disguise as just another tourist snapping pics. They popped a bottle of bubbly and then Justin got down on one knee! No sooner had Jaclyn said ‘YES’ and the rain started pouring down. It felt like something out of a movie — these two didn’t let it phase them one bit — they were engaged!

Looking for someone to help you plan + photograph your proposal?!

Hey there! I’m Megan, a travelling wedding photographer that calls Canada home! I’m not a label gal, though. I promise to be so much more than your photographer. I will be your guide, the person you turn to for support and guidance, and will empower you to plan a proposal that fits your values and priorities.

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