Hi! I’m Megan.

I’m not a regular photographer.

I’m a travelling wedding, elopement + lifestyle photographer based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. I’m also a crazy plant lady, love nothing more than cooking with my love, and am often referred to as the ‘anti-wedding wedding photographer’.

My couples plan their wedding days with intention. They value experiences over things and prioritize time spent with the people closest to them. My goal is to empower you to plan a day that fits your values + priorities, no one else’s. On the day of, I’ll always choose your comfort over ‘the shot’.

If you dream of a truly meaningful wedding day full of endless hugs from your favorite people (whether thats 2 or 100) and wouldn’t be caught dead with a bridal magazine in your hand, then we should definitely be friends!

How I Do What I Do :

Genuine Moments

My goal is to give you photos that show you how you feel – which means I’ll be photographing every belly laugh, tearful hug and everything in between. Embrace the awkward!

What Really Matters

I don’t believe your wedding should be a 6 hour long photoshoot. (we can plan that another day!). Your day is about you, the person you’re marrying and the people you’ve invited to share the day with you.


You can trust me to deliver photos that you’ll be proud to share with your grandkids. My editing style is clean + crisp which means you’ll be brought right back to the moment year after year.

When I leave your wedding at the end of the night I want it it to take forever because I need to give everyone a big hug. I want to get to know your best friends, your parents and grandparents, so that when you look back on these photos you can hear their laughter through the image because it was taken by someone they trust.

Are we Friends Yet?

I’m a typical neurodivergent (oxymoron much?). I’m distracted easily (makes for the best photos, I promise!), can read people like a book, am great at anticipating moments and thrive in the chaotic energy of weddings or family sessions.

-Lord of the Rings (so much I named my goats after hobbits).
-eating excessive amounts of popcorn.
-spending too much time at thrift stores.
-rompers (except when I have to pee!).
-food trucks.
-anything cookie dough flavoured.

When I’m not being a photo ninja you can find my partner and I running Wild Skies Resort. I spend my spare moments canoeing, camping, collecting way too many pets, curating a rainbow egg basket and a native plant garden and drinking endless London fogs.

Get in Touch

Fill out the form below to inquire about your session, and you’ll hear back from me within 48 business hours.

(pronouns are also always appreciated!)