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Jess + Matty had a family vacation planned to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and reached out to me to see if I’d like to tag along. It was a no-brainer. I booked a flight + a sweet teepee style cabana (holla Todos Santos Hostel!) and we got busy planning their Cabo engagement photos.

If you’ve been to Cabo before, you’re probably wondering why you can’t see all the ocean-view resorts and the rock arch at Land’s End. I’mma tell ya. These two wanted to stay away from tourist lined beaches and came up to Todos Santos for the day. I met them in town and we all piled into my sand-filled rental car. I’d only been in Mexico for 24 hours but had managed to cover almost every surface in sand. (that’s talent.) I had scouted some possible beaches the night before and knew the perfect one for their vision of ‘sunset walks on the beach with a bottle of wine’. Spoiler alert – we nailed it.

The turn-off for this particular palm-lined beach isn’t marked on the main highway. A well-worn dirt road winds for 2 miles through the cacti – just long enough for you to think you’ve made a giant mistake and are lost forever. A quick walk through the palm groves and we made it to the beach where 4 horses were frolicking in the waves. I had met the owner of the property the night prior and through broken Spanish learned about his horses and how he uses them to harvest the many fruits on his property. (I may be making this up…my Spanish isn’t thaaaat good).

Anywho – moral of the story is to get off the beaten path, ya’ll. We had this beach completely to ourselves and watched one of the most epic sunsets of our lives. I definitely got sand in my drone gimbal and there may have been a sad blanket tragedy thanks to a creeper wave, but it was 100% worth it.

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