Sarah + Zach | Squamish Elopement Photographer | Wedding Adventure Session

Sarah + Zach met up with me in Squamish, British Columbia for their wedding adventure session! We climbed for less than 20 minutes up to this viewpoint overlooking the Howe Sound where they promptly pulled out a bottle of bubbly and toasted to love, mountains, and their 18-monthaversary. That’s a thing, right? I’m not going to tell you where this viewpoint is, but it’s one of my favorites for privacy, epic views, proximity to Vancouver…and without the crowds that you’d see on the Chief. Win, win, win!

If you’re having a traditional wedding and aren’t able to explore + adventure as much as you’d like to on that day, why not plan a wedding adventure session? Throw your wedding clothes back on and let me be your tour guide to some of my favorite places around Vancouver, including Squamish, Whistler, Tofino and the Okanagan. That’s what Sarah + Zach did, 18 months after their Winnipeg wedding photographed by the lovely Kass. If you’re not interested in a traditional wedding day, plan an elopement with as many people as you’d like and set aside time to hit the hiking trail. Your wedding day should be full of things + experiences that make you 100% happy, nothing less!

Keep scrolling to see what an adventure session looks like! Along the way, I will be your guide, will bring snacks, will help carry your bouquet and dress, will plan a timeline that makes the most of the dreamy light at sunrise or sunset, aaaand will give you something to laugh at as I fall on my butt repeatedly. Remember, there’s no rules to adventuring, but I promise to be there every step of the way!

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