Codi + Steve | Intimate Wedding at Wild Skies Resort

Okayyyy – have you guys seen a cuter venue?! Ha – just tooting my own horn over here. Wild Skies Resort is mine + Rene’s labour of love – a gathering space created from appreciation for the natural world with the goal of making outdoor recreation more accessible. Once in a while I get to be both the host AND photographer and this warm October day was one of those times. A reccurent theme at our weddings is couples being very intentional about who they invite and choose to spend their time with. Codi and Steve shared their wedding day with their immediate families, surrounded by pure love, support + celebration.

We spent the day exploring the forest, poppin’ bubbly, getting photobombed by Josie the dog and Tequila the cat (and a random garter snake), and chasing the sun right up until their first dance as it dipped below the horizon.

If you’re looking to elope in Manitoba – we’re one of the only places to offer an all inclusive package including photography coverage by your’s truly. 🙂

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