Golden Ears Engagement Photos | Danica + James | Vancouver BC

Couples who are down for sunrise sessions get bonus points in my books. #sorrynotsorry to everyone else. ;). Danica and James met me at one of my favorite escapes from the city. Nestled north of Maple Ridge, this Provincial park has the perfect mix of dense green rainforest and epic alpine lakes. There’s no surprise that it’s one of my fave places to spend time, whether on a hike or photographing a couple. I’ll link some more Golden Ears engagement photos below, but first let’s take a scroll through Danica + James’ sunrise shoot!

These two have the BEST how-we-met story I’ve ever heard. From two separate countries they managed to meet each other online + dang it’s cute (with a little twist at the end)! I asked Danica to share it with me in her own words:

“James and I met on Tinder but I like to think that we still have a good meet-cute story! The way the app works is that you each set a perimeter of how far away you are willing to meet someone. We had each set our perimeter to the equivalent of 1 hour of driving – his in miles and mine in kilometers. He was still enlisted in the Air Force when we met but due to a health issue had just been put on desk duty which kept him stuck behind a desk 1.5 hours away from where I lived. On the day we “met”, his supervisor send him out into the field for an assignment and he drove North, towards the Canadian border. During that assignment, he happened to drive far enough North that his perimeter and my perimeter overlapped, and while they were overlapped, we both happened to swipe right which gave us the ability to message each other, even after he had returned back to the Air Force base at the end of the day. He sent me a message that evening, we went on our first date a week later. The plan was for me to drive down to the States to meet him for dinner. I wasn’t going to tell anyone that I was driving to another country to go on a date but at the last minute I decided I should probably let someone know where I would be, since I was technically going to meet a stranger off the Internet. Snapchat had just come out with their Map feature so I messaged my best friend to tell her that I was going on this date and that I would have my location turned on so she could see exactly where I was on the Snapchat map. I met James for dinner and we hit it off right away. There was finally a lull in the conversation and he excused himself to use the bathroom. I figured I should check my phone and I had a string of messages from my best friend saying “where are you?!” “Are you ok?!” ” Are you dead?!” “Did he murder you?!” and ” The Snapchat map literally shows you in the middle of a field, outside of town!!”. I checked the map and sure enough, it was showing my location a solid 15 kms outside of the town I had said I would be in, in the middle of a field with nothing around!”

Did ya see that one coming?! These babes keep that same sense of adventure in everything they do, from moving across Canada to Vancouver, to going back to school in a completely new field, to planning their wedding at a dang Cidery on Vancouver Island. (Yeah, this girl is a little excited!)

Now get back to scrolling for some good ol’ laughing fits, butt grabs, hot chocolate snuggles, and an epppppic sunrise.

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