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Earlier this winter, I had the honour of sharing and celebrating Alaina + Mike’s amazing Emerald Lake Lodge elopement. We had fresh snow + it was such an amazing feeling to be surrounded by the mountain ranges that they love to explore together. They chose their wedding date to coincide with their dating anniversary (hello one less date to remember!) and didn’t let any ‘rules’ of the wedding industry sway their decisions on how they wanted to spend their time together. It was a Thursday and the few people we saw exploring the lake were headed out on skis or snowshoes.

While Alaina had her hair + makeup done, Mike took a nap in the room next-door. Their officiant, Cheryl, helped them both get dressed – a custom suit for Mike, a mountain pendant for Alaina + matching Blundstones, of course! Their ceremony overlooked the frozen lake, with piles of snow over our heads surrounding us on the 3 other sides, not yet melting in the spring sun.

Once we said good-bye to Cheryl, we spent the rest of the afternoon alternating between warming up in the lodge (with thoughtful gifts sent from their families!) and exploring the trails and lookouts around Emerald Lake. The weather changed every few minutes and we got to experience the warmth of the sun, a wild storm brewing over the mountains in the distance and the fluffiest snowflakes!

This wasn’t my first Emerald Lake elopement, and it definitely won’t be my last. This lodge has always felt so different than other Rocky Mountain venues, and I wish I could pin-point exactly what makes it so special. It’s one of those things you just have to experience for yourself. Over the years, I’ve made so many friends in these cabins + on this lake (both frozen and thawed!). Here’s Leslie + Jon’s spring Emerald Lake wedding including a quick paddle in an iconic Banff park canoe!

Emerald Lake Lodge | The Pretty Haus | Everthine Bridal Boutique | Atelier by Ensemble

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