What to Wear for Your Engagement Photos

If you haven’t checked out my top reasons for doing an engagement session, check out the blog post HERE. Then come back here and read my top tips for choosing what to wear for your engagement photos. I’ll make sure you look like a million bucks + most importantly, feel comfortable!

1. Choose your outfits based on the location. If you’re shooting on a beach, wear sandals or go barefoot. Don’t wear a ballgown or heels. If you’re hiking, wear hiking shoes. The fact is, you’ll look like you fit in the scene which will make you look more comfortable. Your feet will thank-you. Shooting in your home? Don’t be afraid to be more casual in pjs! 

2. Don’t wear the same exact colour! Remember, we’re past the days of Walmart portrait studios (well.. Most of us are!). Not only do matching outfits look cheesy, but they also cause you to all melt together. When the two of you stand together you’ll look like a big white or black blob instead of two individuals.

3. Don’t be afraid to show off your personality! Add colours, patterns, and accessories! Layers always photograph well, show movement, and can be taken on and off for variety. 

4. Choose clothes you’d normally wear! Your engagement session isn’t the time to try a new brand or style. 
5. Make sure everything fits. You don’t want to spend the entire session focused on the buttons on your shirt popping or wishing you’d brought a belt. Can you say mood-killer? 

6. Avoid text, logos, ‘humorous’ graphics (that won’t be so funny in 5 years), and gaudy patterns. We want the focus to be on you + your boo, no distractions! 

There you have it! Still need some help? I got you! Send me some photos of potential outfits + I’ll help you tailor them to perfection!

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