Should We Do Engagement Photos?

One item on your neverending to-do list is probably your engagement session! And I want to help ease that stress a little bit! The most frequently asked questions I receive from engaged couples are: 

“Why do you include an engagement session in your collections?”
followed by
“We don’t know where to do them!?” 
“What should we wear?”

Does this sound familiar? 
Without further ado, here’s my top 6 answers to my most asked question…Why should we have engagement photos taken? aka 
Why do you include them in your wedding collections? 

Part 2 and 3 coming soon!

 1. Celebrate just being engaged.
News flash, your life together does not start on your wedding day. Your wedding day is the start of a new chapter, but I think the chapters that precede it are just as important. Celebrate the years leading up to your wedding, the years that saw you grow into the couple you are now.

2. Press the reset button
….on everything you’ve learned about having your photo taken. Thanks for that, Walmart + Sears. At the end of the session you’ll realize that the experience of having your photo taken can be fun, carefree, and without a single prom pose. 

3. Explore a location that’s special to you both
Maybe you just don’t have room in your timeline to visit this place on your wedding day. Maybe it’s somewhere you always go skating together in the winter, but your wedding is in July. Don’t miss out on including this location in your photos! 

4. Get some epic content to use at your wedding
Use your professional photos on invites, in a guestbook, on your wedding website, at other wedding events like a wedding shower, or to display at your wedding!

5. Use it as an excuse for a date night
Buy a new outfit, get your hair and makeup done (hello, wedding day trial opportunity), and then make resos for dinner after your shoot! If you haven’t heard me say it enough yet, getting your photo taken should be fun!! 

6. Spend time getting to know your photographer
This is the #1 reason you’ll probably hear most photographers give. It’s not at the top of my list because I think there’s lots of other opportunities to get to know your photographer WITHOUT a camera.  That being said, by planning a session that’s fun + relaxed you’ll definitely feel more comfortable spending time with your photographer!

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