Pagura Family | At Home Family Session in Winnipeg

I’ve spent a lot of time with this crazy crew over the years. I’ve watched the kiddos grow up into smart, inquisitive, creative boys and know that we’ll always have a blast during our session. We try to plan different activities every time we shoot, but one thing always stays the same – no matter what time of year we plan for, we NEVER get good weather. Thankfully these guys are always troopers and have no shortage of fun activities to do around home. This year we had a family Mario Kart battle followed by a quick workout, played with hotwheels and jumped on the bed, and finished the session off baking BANANA BREAD! Obviously we took turns trying to throw chocolate chips into each other’s open mouths. There’s no doubt that this session is the perfect example of what a lifestyle session can look like if you go with the flow. I promise that your home doesn’t have to be perfectly clean or decorated like a magazine – photographing you all together in the space you share will ALWAYS be magic.

If you’re looking for a not-so-typical family photographer in Winnipeg – you know what to do. Let’s make it happen!

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