Alisyn + Stephane | Mexico Elopement PhotographerPlaya del Carmen, Mexico

8 months ago Steph asked me if I would photograph him proposing to Alisyn while we were all vacationing in Mexico. Obviously, the answer was ‘YES’! Man, 8 months is a long time to keep a secret like that! We spent the first 6 days of our trip creating an elaborate story that would magically require the two of them needing to model for me last minute. Amazingly, on the very last day before coming home, everything fell into place! We started wandering + shooting around the resort. Steph knew in advance that when I posed them back-to-back it would be go-time…and I think I was more nervous than him! After sneaking him the ring I had them turn and face each other. Scroll to the bottom to see her reaction when he got down on one knee!

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