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Vancouver Elopement Planning

Exploring + Scouting Vancouver and the lower mainland for YOUR wedding!

Because you never need an excuse to visit Vancouver. I lived in this amazing city for 2 years while attending university and have always loooooved the idea of photographing a Vancouver elopement! My favorite thing about this city is that it never feels big! It’s just a short drive to some AMAZING parks, with out of this world views!

Last week I attended Canada Photo Convention, and Ryan joined me for some good eats, lots of hikes, and visits with so many friends.

Our very first stop after landing was Mom’s Grilled Cheese..as always, it didn’t disappoint. Other favorites included Japadog, DD Mau, Stepho’s and Cafe Crepe.  Check them out, if you haven’t already.

Ryan’s never been to YVR before and it was lots of fun playing tour guide! We visited Granville Island, including a brewery tour (Mmmmmm!) and a quick stop at good ol’ Emily Carr University. We couldn’t have had better weather and took full advantage of it at English Bay, Capilano, Whyte Cliff Park, Grouse Mountain, Golden Ears Park, and of course a mandatory bike around the seawall. We could explore for days and days and days and never get bored. Planning our next trip already! 🙂

Have you been? I’m always down for sharing travel stories! And if you’re looking at planning your Vancouver elopement, I’ve got some amazing spots I’ve been dying to share!

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